Newsletter #2

We just released the second ATTO newsletter. It features new team members, the big ATTO presence at the EGU 2019, infrastructure updates at the site and more.

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New Publication: Comparing air pollution in Manaus and at ATTO by identifying aerosols

You have probably heard a lot about air pollution recently, comparing air pollution in Manaus and in the Amazon rainforest by analyzing what aerosols are present. Edited after Wu et al. (2018)be it because of the massive wildfires in California, smog in India or the diesel emission scandal in Germany. So let’s look into air pollution in the Amazon. Most air pollutants are actually aerosols. Identifying these aerosols and their chemical composition can help us understand where they come from and to what extent certain regions are affected by air pollutions. That is exactly what Li Wu and co-authors did in their new study in the Amazon rainforest.

They collected and analyzed aerosols in two locations: the city of Manaus, a large urban area in Brazil, and the ATTO site in the heart of the forest.Continue reading

ATTO Newsletter #1

The first edition of our new ATTO Newsletter was just released.

Four times a year, the newsletter will keep you up-to-date on everything that happened in the past several months, such as new scientific articles that have been published, infrastructural updates and meeting that happened. In addition, we provide info on upcoming conferences with abstract submission deadlines or an overview of presentations of ATTO data. And it is also a platform to share some of the stunning photos from the Amazon around the ATTO site, especially to those who don’t follow our Instagram.

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PhD positions available!

Come join ATTO! We currently have three open PhD positions within the research consortium:

If you want to join our international team and contribute to state-of-the-art Amazon research, please click the links above to find out more about the job offers and the application process.