Amazon exhibition in Rio de Janeiro includes ATTO

Rio de Janeiro’s science museum, the Museu do Amanhã (Museum of tomorrow) currently presents a special exhibition on the Amazon. Titled “Fruturos – Tempos Amazônicos”, the exhibition opened in December 2021 and will be open to visitors in Rio until June 12, 2022.

In line with the general concept of the museum, the goal of the exhibition is to show the beauty of the region, but also its significance for Brazil, the continent of South America, and the world, as well as the threats it is facing through forest degradation and deforestation. Therefore, the focus is both on sharing scientific knowledge as well as visions of a sustainable future.

Prof. Paulo Artaxo, a long-time member of our ATTO team, helped to shape “Fruturos – Tempos Amazônicos” as the scientific advisor. As such, he contributed information and material about our project. Visitors of the museum and the exhibition now have the opportunity to learn about ATTO. They can even experience the view from the platform on top of the 325 m tall tower.

The curators created a beautiful, informative and immersive exhibition. It is worth a visit for all those who will be in Rio de Janeiro before June. After it closes there, there are plans for the exhibition to travel to other science museums around the world, with details to be announced later. In addition, a virtual exhibition is also currently in the works.

All photos © Paulo Artaxo.

You can find more information about the Museu do Amanhã and “Fruturos – Tempos Amazônicos” on the exhibitions’ website: