Meet Leslie: Close-up on single aerosols

Hello everyone, my name is Leslie Kremper and I started my Ph.D. in November of 2018. I’m a biologist and graduated from the Johannes Gutenberg-Universität Mainz. During my studies, I already acquired experiences in the field of atmospheric aerosol research and the ATTO project. Enthusiastically, I decided to pursue a career in science and to become part of the research around ATTO. Therefore, I joined the department of Multiphase Chemistry at the Max-Planck-Institut für Chemie in Mainz under the supervision of Christopher Pöhlker and Uli Pöschl.

My current work is focused on the development and application of microspectroscopic techniques on aerosol analysis. These include light and fluorescence microscopy, SEM-EDX or Raman spectroscopy. By applying these techniques, I will analyze the morphology, composition and hygroscopicity of single aerosols from the Amazon. Together with the long-term online measurements of aerosols, my results will help to create a better understanding of particle properties and abundances at this remote place. In April I will start my first expedition to the ATTO site in Brazil to collect aerosol samples for my research. I’m already very excited and looking forward to meeting the team in the rainforest. I’m really happy to get the opportunity to work on this exceptional topic in a unique and fascinating environment.