Amazon forest session at EGU 2020

We are once again inviting you to bring the Amazon rainforest, or rather your Amazon research to the EGU General Assembly 2020! We are convening the session “Amazon forest – a natural laboratory of global significance” – a place for a vivid and scientifically fruitful exchange between many researchers from many groups and projects on the Amazon forests – including ATTO. 

Call for Abstracts for EGU 2020 Session on the Amazon forest

The session will be along the lines of this year’s, with two major differences:

1) We’re explicitly opening the session to those who study not only intact/pristine rainforest but also degraded areas (and of their interface)

2) it will be a PICO session.

Abstract submission deadline is January 15. And by the way: For this meeting, the EGU will offset ALL travel-related CO2 emissions from participants.