EGU 2020 program announced

First, the good news. The European Geoscience Union has announced its session program for the EGU 2020 today. We want to draw your attention to the program of the session “Amazon forest – a natural laboratory of global significance”, organized by members of our ATTO team. The session will bring together 15 presentations from a wide range and projects working on different aspects of Amazon research. They, of course, include ATTO, but also AmazonFACE, CARBAM and many more. research topics range from Greenhouse gas observations, VOC emissions and life cycle assessment over aerosol transport to the effects of droughts and model simulations. The session will take place on Friday, May 8 from 10:45–12:30 in PICO spot 3a. Since it is a PICO session, it will start out with 2-minute talks from all presenters, followed by interactive presentations at PICO screens.

You can find a complete overview of the presentations in this session here.

Now on to the bad news. Because of the Covid19 outbreak, it is not yet clear if EGU 2020 will, in fact, take place this year. The European Geoscience Union will make a decision on that matter on March 31. Until then, registration for the meeting after paused. If the meeting will take place, the early bird registration deadline will be extended until April 9. For more details and the latest update on this developing situation, please check the EGU website. They will keep you informed.

Our fingers are crossed that the situation will allow for the conference to take place, that you will stay healthy and that we will see you in Vienna in a few weeks!

EGU 2020 program for session on Amazon forest
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