AGU 2020: Tropical forests under a changing environment

As you may know already, the AGU will hold its Fall Meeting 2020 mostly virtual. Abstract submission is now open until Wednesday, 29 July 2020 23:59 EDT/03:59 +1 GMT.

We want to draw your attention to one session in particular. Conveners are Negron Juarez Robinson, Yilin Fang and Cynthia Wright.

Tropical Forests Under a Changing Environment

Tropical forests comprise the most biologically diverse terrestrial ecosystems, cycle more carbon and water than any other biome, and play critical roles in regulating the global and regional climate systems. A better understanding of tropical forest processes is required to advance our understanding of the Earth system and to develop improved Earth System Models (ESMs). 

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Impact of COVID-19 on ATTO

Most everyday activities around the world are restricted due to the COVID-19 outbreak and ATTO is no exception. We are affected by governmental guidance, restrictions on international travel and recently announced INPA policies. And we want to ensure the safety of people, especially those living in the Uatumã Sustainable Development Reserve. We have therefore minimized our field activities at ATTO since last week.

Researchers will not travel to ATTO to collect samples or make measurements until further notice. Scientists from outside Brazil have canceled all travel to Manaus until at least the end of April. The HALO CAFE-Brazil field campaign planned for April and May this year is now officially canceled as well, though we are hopeful it can be rescheduled in the future.

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Wind-tree interactions in the Amazon: INVENTA

We have recently taken a big step to further expand our research with the INVENTA/ATTO project to study. Led by Daniel Marra and Susan Trumbore, we want to investigate wind-tree interactions in the Amazon.

Our goal is to integrate research on tree architecture and bio-mechanics with atmospheric and biogeochemical processes. These affect the dynamics and the vulnerability or resilience of Amazon forests to changing climate. Especially important in this context is the increasing frequency of extreme weather events such as heavy storms and downbursts. Those may lead to increased tree mortality, which may in turn alter forest structure and biodiversity.

To reach this goal, we have installed three research towers of 33 – 36 meters height, stretching just above the forest canopy.

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Capes-Humboldt Research Fellowship

Programme Description

Applicants for the research fellowship are scientists and scholars from all disciplines with excellent qualifications from Brazil. The funding is designed to support post-doctoral researchers at the beginning of their academic careers as well as experienced researchers who have obtained a doctorate less than 12 years ago. The programme offers candidates the opportunity to select a long-term research project and realise it in cooperation with an academic host of their choice at a research institution in Germany. Post-doctoral students receive a monthly sum of EUR 2,600, experienced researchers of EUR 3,100. In addition, there are supplementary benefits for both groups.
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Job offer: postdoc in atmospheric science

We are looking for a postdoctoral researcher to support our team with the challenging and exciting operation of the aerosol measurements at the ATTO site as well as the analysis and publication of the unique measurement data.

The successful candidate will be part of an international team conducting and analysing the long-term observations as well as in-depth process studies of atmospheric aerosols and their links to rainforest ecology, cloud microphysics and hydrological cycling in the Amazon.

Main working location will be Mainz, Germany, with frequent participation in field trips to the Amazon.

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