There and back again

My name is Andrew Crozier and I have been an engineer in the ATTO project for the last 6 years. Now my time with the ATTO project is coming to a close. And though I am saddened to leave it, I will always be grateful for the life-changing experiences I have had while connected with it.

My arrival in Brazil happened quite by chance. It started with the good fortune of a broken instrument. That instrument, the SP2, required specialized service to repair it. I was, at the time, the most specialized technician in the repair of SP2 instruments around the world.

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Women in Science

On today’s International Women in Science Day, we want to shine the spotlight on the incredible women in our project. Sue, Samara and Mira tell their inspiring stories of why they wanted to become scientists. They share memories of teachers, parents, books and childlike curiosity. They also talk about how they got to where they are today, and what it took to have successful careers as women in science.

Sue Trumbore is the German coordinator for ATTO

As a child, I loved to read natural history books and really wanted to travel to all the exotic places in the books. My PhD advisor, Wally Broecker, supported my desires to travel the oceans and the world.

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