AGU 2020: Tropical forests under a changing environment

As you may know already, the AGU will hold its Fall Meeting 2020 mostly virtual. Abstract submission is now open until Wednesday, 29 July 2020 23:59 EDT/03:59 +1 GMT.

We want to draw your attention to one session in particular. Conveners are Negron Juarez Robinson, Yilin Fang and Cynthia Wright.

Tropical Forests Under a Changing Environment

Tropical forests comprise the most biologically diverse terrestrial ecosystems, cycle more carbon and water than any other biome, and play critical roles in regulating the global and regional climate systems. A better understanding of tropical forest processes is required to advance our understanding of the Earth system and to develop improved Earth System Models (ESMs).  This session will focus on research in tropical forests including modeling, remote sensing and ground-based results. Processes to be highlighted include the response of tropical forest ecosystems to:


  • global change pressures, such as land use change/changing demographics/increased atmospheric CO2/altered rainfall/warming,
  • extreme weather events (e.g., drought, heat waves, and extreme rainfall),
  • climate variability (e.g., EL Niño), and
  • role of biodiversity, biogeochemistry (including soil fertility, nutrient limitation, soil respiration, and carbon sequestration), and phenology in modulating these processes.

We encourage submissions that consider tropical forest responses to global change from a wide range of perspectives.

AGU Fall Meeting 2020 meeting content will be held during the original 7-11 December dates, with additional content scheduled to best meet the needs of international attendees around the world. Content will include real-time sessions, networking opportunities and poster hall time. They will also offer recorded sessions so you can watch (or binge) at your convenience. Convergent themes including global science policy, data, natural hazards and climate science will be prominently featured.

With these new and reimagined offerings at the Fall Meeting, AGU will be charging a registration fee. Registration rates will be available soon and will be about 50% less than the in-person rate and lower for graduate students and other groups.  There is also a non-refundable abstract processing fee, separate from meeting registration fees. 

For updated information on planning, please visit the AGU Fall Meeting website.