Meet Ana Caroline: What’s the matter with soil water?

Hi, my name is Ana Caroline, and I currently work at the ATTO Project for the INPA and the MPI-BGC. I graduated from university with a degree in Environmental Management. Afterward, I obtained a Master’s degree in Climate and Environment from INPA. At ATTO I work as a scientific assistant for the Gerd Gleixner group. I collect soil water samples to analyze some of its chemical parameters, such as pH, electrical conductivity and Dissolved Organic Carbon (DOC). For the experiment, we placed several plates in the soil to collect soil water from different depths. We collect the water in glass bottles inside a box (as pictured in the photo) the lab analysis.

It’s super exciting to be in the field. I have the chance to get to know different types of ecosystems including the terra firme forest and Campinas along the road that connects the Uatumã river to the campsite and the towers. Working at ATTO can be challenging sometimes. But is worth to be in contact with the forest and the animals and its different sounds. It’s a thrill to see and hear the macaws during the day to the guariba monkeys during the night. And it is a special feeling to experience astonishing atmospheric events such as heavy thunderstorms or the haze in the early morning.