Meet Marco: Properties of aerosols

Hi all! My name is Marco Aurélio Franco, but you can call me Marco =)! I’m Ph.D. student of Physics at the University of São Paulo (USP), in São Paulo, Brazil, under the supervision of Prof. Paulo Artaxo. Since October 2019, I’m doing part of my Ph.D. project at the Max Planck Institute for Chemistry, in Mainz in the group of Dr. Christopher Pöhlker. I studied Physics at the Federal University of São Carlos and I obtained my Master’s Degree at the University of São Paulo in São Carlos.

Back then, I did my research in Plasma Physics applied to the analysis of carbon and nutrients in soils. This allowed me to get in touch with the importance of biosphere-atmosphere interaction in the regulation of the climate system. This sparked my curiosity. So I decided it was time to look not only at the ground but also at the sky! I discovered the Atmospheric Physics group at USP and decided to join them to work on a Ph.D. The project would link the climate, environment, and Amazonia. Then I got to know the ATTO project and the wonderful community of scientists who are part of it. This motivated me even more!

Currently, I study the physico-chemical properties of atmospheric aerosols in the lower Amazonian troposphere. I focus on the variability of the properties of these aerosols with height (e. g., particle concentration and size, scattering and absorption of light…) below and above the canopy. This is important as it helps to explain the mechanisms influencing the aerosol population in the Amazonian boundary layer. Over the last 3 years in the ATTO project, there were countless moments of new learning and I made wonderful memories. Whenever I go to the site, I return with great new experiences and friendships. And I always try to leave some music and fun in our BarATTO sections!