4 PostDoc postitions in the AmazonFACE program

The AmazonFACE Research Program, the first Free-Air CO2 Enrichment Experiment in the Amazon Forest wishes to recruit four post-doctoral researchers at the Brazilian National Institute for Amazonian Research (INPA).

The application period is June 1st to June 28th 2019.

Background and aim

The extent to which elevated atmospheric CO2 concentrations might increase the productivity of Amazon forest and its vulnerability to the potential negative impacts of climate change is one of the largest uncertainties in ecosystem and global change science. The aim of this project is to determine how free air CO2 enrichment (FACE) affects Amazon forest functioning. It will be the first FACE experiment carried out in a mature tropical forest. The appointees will join a team of two post-docs and several graduate students that will work on monitoring the experimental site forest and implementation of the experiment and its findings.

About the positions

Selected candidates are expected to develop new and creative research working on scientifically robust data collected in the experiment. These positions include fieldwork in a relatively remote forest area. Post-doctoral researchers for positions 1 and 2 will be based in Manaus (AM), at INPA. The post-doctoral researcher for position 3 and 4 will be based in Campinas (SP) at the University of Campinas – UNICAMP. The fellowship grant has a duration of 36 months. A monthly salary of BRL$ 4.100,00 will be paid by Brazilian Ministry of Education’s Coordination for the Improvement of Superior Level Personnel.


Please see the full job offers for more details and descriptions of the individual job opportunities: Click here.